11.5g World Poker Tour Casino Poker Chips – Unbiased Overview

I ate the remainder of pizza on my plate with haste, my eyes were hurting from the glare of the computer screen. I was in a long online poker tournament, that promised to go on for awhile; I was losing. Finally, with a stroke of luck, I managed to get a three of a kind of Aces. I instantly raised my ante and waited for others to fold; they didn’t. Unperturbed, I continued the raising game with ignorance, until I realized that if I lost this hand it’d be game over. Quickly and with technological speed only an online poker game can have, everyone went all in with their Custom Casino Poker Chips.The unfortunate aspect of online poker games is that before you’ve made your choice, you can’t look at other players reactions for reassurance, only the cold beep of a confirm button. Slowly, the hands across the digital table were revealed, and I quickly realized I was alone; over half the players had better hands. I slammed my fist onto the desk and swore, promising I’d never play online poker again. This was the 21st game I had lost, and that was just one too many.I told my coworkers the next day, and they looked at each other and laughed. By the look in their eyes, I could tell that they were veterans of recreational poker. I told them I was addicted to online poker chips, but then they told me I needed to feel a real one.They kept laughing at me for days on end. Though there were friendly little love taps, I started to get aggravated, I always thought of myself as a real poker player. With a joking tone that had a hint of offense, I told them that maybe they’d like to have me take them down at their own game.In no time, I was sitting there hunched waiting to be initiated into my first real game of poker. They threw over my chips and I picked one up; it felt wonderful. It was called a 11.5g World Poker Tour Casino Poker Chip, and every component of it screamed quality. The 11.5g World Poker Tour Casino Poker Chip came in black, blue and red, priced for one or in sets of 100, and each had a beautiful shiny finish. I loved the look and feel of them, and I still do.The Poker Game felt a lot slower than when I played online, but more genuine. No longer did I suffer the impatience I felt when a player left his computer desk; instead, I had human players right in front of me. I felt like I was a part of a game, rather than just a participant. Moreover, I was having fun with my Casino Grade Poker Chips.Now I’m part of a somewhat large poker group and I’ll never go back. I haven’t started up my poker program since, considering I have no need for it anymore. Those Internet accessed tournaments were a joke compared to the unbridled excitement one actual game of poker provides. Soon enough, I’ll be as good as my new friends, but until then I’ll cherish my 21st loss with my Clay Casino Poker Chips.